| Credo 47 Sobering and Stabilization Center

Program Description

The CREDO 47 Sobering and Stabilization Center is a jail diversion program funded through the State of California, Proposition 47 funding. The Center is a short-term (up to 72 hours) program that provides a structured environment to homeless individuals under the influence of drugs and alcohol to sober up and be linked to support services.

The main objective of the Center is rerouting individuals under the influence away from arrest and incarceration to a safe place to sober up and stabilize. 

Core services provided include transportation, shelter, nourishment, clothing, psychoeducation to individuals, referrals to mental health and substance use treatment programs, and linkage to emergency housing opportunities.

Program Qualifications

Homeless adults under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Contact Information

427 Camino Del Remedio
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Ruendy Aguayo, Program Manager
(805) 689-6671

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