| Credo 47 Stabilization Center

Program Description

The CREDO47 Stabilization Center (formerly known as the Sobering Center) is managed by Good Samaritan and provides short-term sobering and transition services (e.g., from jail and/or those who have been assigned a bed in a residential program within the next few days). The Center has ten beds: four for female clients and six for male clients. While designed to last 24 hours, individuals can remain at the Center for up to 72 hours on a case-by-case basis. The Center strives to divert individuals from jail and potential legal repercussions of minor offenses and will be used to connect them to mental health and substance use treatment services, case management, housing, and other services available in the area.

Core services provided include a medical screening upon arrival to assess need, nourishment and hydration, psychoeducation to individuals, referrals and linkages to services including mental health and substance use treatment, housing support, legal services, social services, case management, transportation, food assistance, and basic necessities.

Program Qualifications

Anyone under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Contact Information

427 Camino Del Remedio
Santa Barbara, CA 93110
(805) 250-9022

Brian Dalley, Program Manager

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