| Prevention, Diversion & Rehousing

Program Description

The Prevention, Diversion, and Rehousing Program is a multifaceted initiative dedicated to addressing homelessness at all stages of vulnerability. Our comprehensive approach encompasses prevention services, offering a lifeline to those on the precipice of homelessness, providing resources and support to keep them in stable housing.

For individuals who have recently entered the homeless response system, our diversion services offer immediate assistance, seeking alternative solutions to shelter living. Meanwhile, for those already experiencing literal homelessness, our rehousing support helps rebuild lives, securing safe, stable homes.

The program features a hotline, serving as an accessible gateway to essential services and care coordination. With a commitment to preventing and alleviating homelessness, this program is a beacon of hope for those in need.

Program Qualifications

Folks who are at risk of or are literally experiencing homelessness.

Contact Information

Diversion Hotline
English (805) 519-1302
Spanish (805) 518-2679

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