Another Road Detox

Drug and Alcohol Detox Center 

The Goals of Detox Services:

To provide a safe and protected residential environment for clients suffering from withdrawal symptoms who are unable to build a clean and sober foundation on their own. 

To initiate sobriety for clients and begin permanent recovery from drug or alcohol abuse while attending private counseling sessions. 

To continue and strengthen post detox sobriety through 24 hour staff supervision and support. 

To initiate sobriety for clients and begin permanent recovery from drug and alcohol abuse through local treatment providers in the community. 

To maintain permanent recovery through the 12 Step Program participation and aftercare including barrier free relapse treatment.



Clients are detoxed with 24 hour staff supervision, light exercise, nutritional guidance, and on-site detox consultation. 

To create a desire in the client for sober living through instruction, education, and networking support involving professional counselors as well as 12 Steppers.

Client will be referred to 12 Step Programs.

To sustain efforts to end client isolation socially, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Program Services:

Clients are interviewed in person or by phone (brief contact to determine suitability for services). Files are reviewed from previous admissions if suitable for continued services. Unsuitability -  Violent behavior:  Recovery Point provides a safe and non-violent environment that the client can detox in.  Through the screening process (brief contact) staff determine which individuals are suitable for our services.  GSS’s Policy Statement clearly states that verbal or physical abuse towards staff or residents is grounds for discharge. Residents are subject to drug/alcohol testing. Possession of drugs or alcohol is a condition of termination.

Intake Information:

The intake process involves a brief interview, initial assessment summary, background history, health questionnaire, and medical history.  Intake information includes social, psychological, physical or behavioral problems that are related to alcohol and drug problems.  Intake information provides a history of withdrawal, type & length of time alcohol or drugs were used & educational/vocational status.

A public health nurse visits the Detox bi-weekly.

Referrals can be made to the Health Clinic or a client can be taken to the Emergency Room at the hospital.

Clients can stay in Detox from 7-14 days.

Alcoholics can take up to three week to detox and stabilize. Assessment on length of their stay will be made by staff and the Program Manager.

Drug Testing & Service Components:

All clients are tested upon admittance. Random testing is done while in the Detox program. All clients are tested at the time of discharge and will be certified as having a successful completion of the Detox program. All clients will need a medical clearance from their physician. Clients are monitored closely for 24 hours, a minimum of once every 30 minutes upon admittance and more frequently for those with a history of seizures or complications due to withdrawal. The Public Health nurse visits the Detox facility every other week. All Detox staff are C.P.R. trained and certified.


Client Support:

All Detox staff perform one-on-one crisis intervention with clients in the detox process.

Clients attend a minimum of four-60 minute groups per day.

One 60-minute individualized session per week.

One 60-minute visit/group by an H & I panel (N.A. & A.A.) per week.

Three 90-minute transition group meetings per week. Topics include linkage to community support services.

Aftercare and relapse prevention issues.

Speakers from various community agencies.

Staff Development Training:

Staff is encouraged to obtain addiction treatment certifications. Staff attend various meetings in the community that  are drug and alcohol related. All staff have a minimum of two years sobriety. All staff must have knowledge of the 12 Step recovery process, and are often times in recovery themselves.

Cost of Services:

The fees for treatment at Recovery Point Acute Care are extremely reasonable.  Cost of care in other non– medical facilities can be as much as twice the amount that is required at our facility. There is a one time administrative fee of $150.00 for Santa Barbara Co. residents.  Out of County clients are asked to pay in full upon intake. There is a daily fee of $25.00 for Santa Barbara County residents, and a $50.00 per day for non-county residents (if paid in full). Payment plans are available for Santa Barbara County residents who are unable to pay in full.




For More Information Contact:

Another Road Detox
113 South M Street
Lompoc, CA 93436
Phone: (805) 736-0357 x207
Fax: (800) 969-9350

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