Landlord Incentives Program

Good Samaritan is thrilled to announce our new Landlord Incentives Program! A variety of incentives are now available for landlords who rent to clients currently enrolled in the Rapid Re-housing Program (RRH).  RRH is a program intended to assist clients currently experiencing homelessness by quickly finding and maintaining housing. Through RRH, clients will receive support from case managers as well as financial support for a period of up to 12 months. 

As a Thank You for agreeing to rent through Good Samaritan Shelter RRH, the following incentives will be offered to you:

  • A sign on bonus of $1,000 for your first unit rented and $500 for each additional unit for New landlords or
  • A sign on bonus of $500 for your next unit rented and $250 for each additional unit for existing landlords
  • A sign on bonus of $500 for your first room rented and $250 for each additional room
  • A security deposit of up to two times monthly rent or three times monthly rent for fully furnished units
  • An open communication line with our Landlord Engagement Specialist to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding RRH tenants, landlord incentives, new listings, etc

For questions please contact our Landlord Engagement Specialist, Valorie Guizar at 805-867-1980 or

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Rapid Re-housing (RRH) is a program designed to assist individuals experiencing homelessness by placing them in permanent housing. While participating in RRH, clients will be eligible to receive financial assistance for housing expenses and participate in case management.

Case managers will work with clients for up to 12 months. During this time, case managers help clients maintain housing stability by supporting them during rental searches, budgeting, job searches, or anything else needed to help client become self sufficient

RRH is not a section 8 voucher program. However, RRH program does provide rental assistance for up to a year. If you would prefer to rent to a client who has a voucher, please let us know and we can work to accommodate that request.

The only inspection required by Good Samaritan will be conducted during the signing of your lease agreement. At this time, the property will be inspected to confirm the standards of Housing Habitability Standards have been met. If at any time you have concerns regarding your unit, a welfare check can be requested for a case manager to inspect your unit. 

Any background checks, credit checks, rental history, etc. will be the responsibility of the landlord.

A W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and contact information will be required.

Once you are ready to rent a unit through the Good Samaritan RRH program, make out reach to our Landlord Engagement Specialist Valorie Guizar at 805-867-1980 or or any case manager. Clients will then submit  applications through your normal application process.

When a client is responsible for any portion of rent, they will pay their portion like any of your other tenants. The remainder of the rent will be paid separate by Good Samaritan Shelter. A check will be sent via mail to whoever is listed on the W-9 form. If mail is not an acceptable option, an arrangement can be made to deliver the check in person. Tenants will never be given access to checks from Good Samaritan Shelter that are designated for housing expenses.

The New Landlord bonus will be given to any landlord that has not signed a lease with a RRH client within the last 6 months. If you have signed a lease with a RRH client within the last 6 months you would be eligible to the Existing landlord bonus.

A bonus check will be included along with your Security Deposit and any other fees paid.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the RRH program or any RRH clients feel free to reach out to our Landlord Engagement Specialist Valorie Guizar at 805-867-1980 or or any case manager

At this time no referral bonus is being offered, but any landlords that you refer to Good Samaritan Shelter will be eligible to a Landlord Incentives bonus.

Anyone who needs services can reach out to the Coordinated Entry System at 805-450-3558

For More Information Contact:

Landlord Incentives
Valorie Guizar
Phone: 805-867-1980
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