Recovery Way Home

In October 2008, GSS started providing services in the Lompoc region including Recovery Way Home, a perinatal residential program serving 16 women and their children.


When outpatient treatment is not enough, Recovery Way Home provides residential care with a warm "home" environment. In addition to recieving day treatment at Turning Point, women staying at Recovery Way Home get extra support from experienced staff and peers.


Recovery Way Home has requirements of 6 months minimal stay, with a maximum of 18 months. The residential program can house 16 women with up to 2 children each under the age of 5. Most are low income and are required to pay a fee based on a sliding scale.

Recovery Way Home Provides:

Parenting Techniques

Home Management

Nutrition & Health Education

Economic Independence


Child Care Referrals

Clean & Sober Living Environment

24/7 Staffing



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For More Information Contact:
Recovery Way Home
604 W. Ocean Ave
Lompoc, CA 93456
Phone: (805) 736-0357
Fax: (805) 969-9350

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