Recovery Point
Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment

The Mission of Recovery Point Outpatient Treatment is:
“To Provide Supportive Services to those 
Seeking Recovery throughout the Central Coast”

Good Samaritan’s Recovery Point is an outpatient program designed
to serve substance using men and women within the Santa Maria Valley.
Recovery Point works hand-in-hand with the agency’s many other programs to provide supportive services to men and women who are unable to attain sobriety independently. The outpatient facility is organized to serve anywhere from 30 to 80 adults at a time.

The clients served by Good Samaritan’s outpatient services are often residents of agency’s residential programs and benefit from additional treatment support; they are on a waiting list for entry to a residential program; are referred by a local agency for therapeutic support; or, self-identify as needing additional assistance beyond their personal recovery activities. Regardless, they often are attempting to resolve some form of trauma event. Trauma is a contributing factor to substance use and perpetuates a destructive pattern of self-harm.  Untreated or poorly treated trauma events undermine successful recovery and frequently emerge as co-occurring mental health conditions. In response, GSS has established clinical partnerships and continually seeks support from the Adults Mental Health Services to address these conditions.

The treatment that is offered for withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is simple, safe, inexpensive and effective. We provide one-on-one counceling sessions, drug and alcohol education and information, and long-term aftercare. Clients attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings to remain both clean and sober.

For More Information Contact:
Recovery Point
245 E. Inger Dr., Ste 103B
Santa Maria, CA 93456
Phone: (805) 346-8185

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