Rancho Hermosa

Rancho Hermosa is a 47 unit affordable housing complex for very low income homeless households and households at risk of homelessness, who are diagnosed with substance abuse and/or severe mental illness.
The Rancho Hermosa Project provides Good Samaritan Shelter with 12 units of permanent supportive housing. If a family has successfully completed a qualified program with Good Samaritan Shelter and meets the income requirements, they may apply with Good Samaritan Shelter to be added to the waitlist.
All clients who are moved into a Good Samaritan supportive services unit at Rancho Hermosa are provided with monthly case management. All other Rancho Hermosa residents are offered the opportunity to participate in
case management services.  
Contact the Rancho Hermosa Case Manager
at Good Samaritan Shelter:
(805) 346-8185 Ext. 107

If You Are Seeking Treatment